Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CNN's Lou Dobbs promoting crime and stateless terrorism

Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN-TV has been using that international media platform to rant the White House status quo propaganda about the massively failed drug war. In fact Dobbs blind support for the drug war amounts to treason because that support is giving real "aid and comfort" to America's enemies.

The proliferation of 'stateless' terrorist armies has grown in the past twenty-five years or more concurrent with the growth of the international black market for drugs. The $ 322 billion international black market for drugs exists because of the prohibition laws that Lou Dobbs supports. The , Jim Crow drug war laws supported by Lou Dobbs create the economic black market that in turn 'grants huge subsidies to our enemies'.

This is my letter to Lou Dobbs at CNN-TV.

Sept. 21, 2006 testimony by one of America's leading experts on Afghanistan, New York University Professor Barnett Rubin, who appeared before the United States senate Foreign Relations Committee. "The international drug control regime, which criminalizes narcotics, does not reduce drug use, but it does produce huge profits for criminals and the armed groups and corrupt officials who protect them. Our drug policy grants huge subsidies to our enemies.'

Dr. Rubin concluded: "If it were not illegal, it would be worth hardly anything. It's only its illegality that makes it so valuable." Plan Colombia: Informed Myopia

It is your drug war policy that is putting more drugs into the hands of more American children. Under prohibition the only people who sell drugs are the least moral and most unethical people in our society; addict drug dealers, gangsters and other social predators who all thrive in America's $ 144 billion annual retail black market for drugs. If we put these drugs into the hands of licensed, regulated and taxed responsible members of the community using established democratic institutions of regulation, we can reduce the scale of the street market. A black market that today has no morals and ethics in who it sell drugs to.

The ever more violent crime fostering, terrorist funding $ 344 billion global black market thrives because of your support for the authoritarian drug war policy. You, Lou Dobbs, have no confidence in or respect for democratic regulatory institutions. You, Lou Dobbs, promote authoritarian anti-democratic police state prohibition instead of democratic institutions of regulation.

You are the cause of the drug problem Lou Dobbs. You are not the solution.

Children have greater access to drugs thanks to Lou Dobbs drug war. Terrorists have greater access to money and the veins of American children thanks to Lou Dobbs drug war policy.

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