Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Arianna, But Wait There's More

Arianna Huffington in 'Where's the Beef?' II: The Conventional Wisdumb on Barack Obama you lament the seemingly artificial obstructions faced by Sen. Barack Obama from the likes of Tim Russert. Russert's banal innuendo has implied that there is no real substance to Obama. But Arianna, all that you do is vacuously point to Obama's own policy pages to flesh out candidate Obama.

What is disappointing, Arianna, is that you yourself never look beyond the "conventional wisdumb" of the top two Democratic Party talking point issues, Iraq and healthcare, in your fawning defense of Barack.

Look deeper Arianna. I have. Look to Obama's own record in the senate on CRIME. He proudly claims co-sponsorship of the 2005 Combat Methamphetamine Act.

Less than two years later the Justice Department tells us that the "success" of the Obama's Meth Act is such that now Mexican drug cartels are making meth and adding it to their organized national product lines across America. But wait, before Obama's Meth Act the addicts in the community were making it for local distribution. Bikers and small time gangsters. Now its organized cartels selling meth into every community in the nation.

I know, Arianna, that you have seen this disastrous "ballooning effect" in drug black-markets before. SEE:Barack Obama; Assassin of Youth

Arianna please, do more than simple-mindedly point people at Obama's propaganda links to make an argument. That is little more than argumentative itself. Lets have some of that great and expansive analysis that you are so adept at doing.

Do you, Arianna Huffington, actually believe that someone as backassward as Obama is on drug war policy can be any better than (ugh!) Hillary as president of the United States of America?

Unlike Arianna, I actually asked the question of Obama; "Where's the beef?" I got back the same artificially colored pre-packaged Jim Crow drug war status quo.

It would truly be wonderful to have a candidate, of any color and sex combination, who could actually promise "hope" to ALL of America. But any candidate, like Obama and all other Democrats save Dennis Kucinich, who continues to support the crime fostering, terrorist funding, Jim Crow drug war is not offering hope to all of America. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

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