Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Barack Obama's too little, too late 'second chance'

"Are we making sure we're giving a second chance to those who have strayed and gone to prison but want to start a new life? Government alone can't solve all those problems, but government can help." Sen. Barack Obama, D-IL, Brown Chapel A.M.E. Church, March 5, 2007

Too little. Too late.

Sen. Obama is talking about giving a second chance to people who never had a first chance.

Sen. Barack

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Barack Obama no threat to Jim Crow

A couple of weeks back Glenn Greenwald has published a very insightful and thought provoking article on the issue of race with Sen. Barack Obama in the race for president of the United States. Awkward discussions of race and Obama. He writes bemused and confused at White talking heads on Meet the Press who imply that the Rev. Jesse Jackson is somehow threatening. I share his confusion only in the

Mydd and Chris Bowers get what they give

Well this is funny. Chris Bowers at MyDD finds himself on the defensive for doing the right thing. I am not surprised that he is on the defensive. I am surprised that he is advocating doing the right thing. You see MyDD and DailyKos both banned me from their blogs during the 2004 election basically for doing what Bowers is being defensive about doing in 2007.

Some Good News

"Now, I don't regret

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Jim Crow status quo of Daily Kos II

Please go to the original post for the essay. this is a technical correction post.

The Jim Crow status quo of DailyKos

Or: banned like me.

(Sorry for any inconvenience.)
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The Jim Crow status quo of Daily Kos

Or: banned like me.

Francis L. Holland Blog is a breath of fresh air for anyone who sees the world of potential beyond America's White Jim Crow status quo.

currently he has an essay on the blog, "Is YearlyKos and Overwhelmingly, Disproportionately White Gathering?"

This column is so dead on target that I find myself in the best mood I have been in all week. The self-ordained 'liberals' at

Speaker Pelosi's command and control

The Philadelphia Inquirer today published a puff piece by columnist Marianne Means of Hearst Newspapers about Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi is proving she’s up to the job. It is truly insulting to see Pelosi referred to as a "left" leaning politician. What a load of propaganda.

SEE: Nancy Pelosi imposes Jim Crow status quo in congress

The one policy in America that does even